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In My Backyard Health and Wellness provides physical fitness, nutritional, gardening and health and wellness education programs from early May through mid October.  Neighbors will be offered a variety of exercise programs, healthy cooking demonstrations, as well as, healthcare professional’s presentation on preventative healthcare, diabetes management and women’s and men’s health.  From Tai Chi to Yoga, to light resistance band exercise, cardio exercising neighbors will engage in that are tailored to beginners.  IMBY events are offered on Saturday mornings for approximately 1.5 hours and our conducted every two weeks through out the spring, summer and fall season.

The objectives of IMBY are to provide health and wellness education and activities as a foundation to adopting and sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

To provide health and wellness resources to residents who may not have access to such programs and information:

  • To focus on good nutrition as a primary goal in addressing chronic disease prevention.
  • To promote neighbor to neighbor support of adopting and sustaining healthy lifestyle behavior.
  • To promote vegetable gardening as a viable means of addressing the adoption healthy eating.
  • To educate neighbors of other health and wellness programs that exists.

IMBY Health and Wellness is truly a grassroots effort to support the adoption and sustained effort of healthy living.  All IMBY events our held in the backyard in the grass where instructors provide health and wellness information and neighbors share their thoughts on living healthy.  Our programs include aerobic activities, chronic disease management, health and wellness education and most important supporting each other in our efforts to live healthier. Before adopting a healthier lifestyle, it is important that you first meet with your primary care physician.  Discuss your current level of fitness, what type of exercise is appropriate to begin with, as well as, the length or duration of such exercise.   Also discuss with your health provider your current diet and what that diet can support in becoming more physically active.Walking is a great activity be sure to wear comfortable shoes with socks and if you ride a bike make sure the tires are inflated to the proper pressure, that the brakes are in good operation and that the bike is in good overall mechanical condition.  Become your own health expert, pay attention to your body and do not exercise to the state of exhaustion.  Exercise is fun, especially when you see the results.  Should you experience prolong and intense pain or discomfort consult with your primary care provider immediately. 

The location for In My Backyard Health and Wellness events will be held at 1905 Merryhill Drive, Columbus, OH 43219.  If you are interested in hosting a program contact Tim Anderson, his email address is   All programs will have a maximum participation of twenty and most programs are free and open to the neighbors and the general public.  Cash donations are accepted, but not expected.      

Since the programs are held outdoors, if rain occurs, the program is considered canceled.  There is little shade in the host backyard; therefore, it is recommended that you wear sun screening lotion and a cap/hat. Dress comfortably for exercising outdoors and bring a bottle of water, a lawn chair and an exercise mat.  Light refreshments will be provided.